CIPD Membership \ Qualifications

Recently the CIPD broadened the methods by which you could gain their professional accreditation. Rather than forcing people to progress through their own qualification route - which was understandably unpopular with established HR professionals - they have made it possible to gain accreditation through an assessment method using documentation of existing experience, knowledge and references.

The criteria are no less stringent (the volume of background required may actually mean that people applying via the non-graduate route have more practical experience in the field of human resources than people taking the traditional graduate route), but it means that a persons demonstrable experience plays a far greater role.

The three levels of accredited membership in ascending order of experience are:

You can become an Associate member of the Institute and use the letters 'Assoc CIPD' after your name if you are already in a role providing assistance to other key human resource functions (recruitment and selection, training and development or other central HR activity).

To be granted this accolade by the Chartered Institute you would be using specialist HR skills and knowledge to support HR leaders and managers, whether you have just set out on your HR career (and perhaps undertaken one of our online HR qualifications) or have been supporting fellow professionals for a while and wish to receive formal recognition of your role and contribution.

To embark upon this journey you can pursue the 'Experience Assessment' route with the CIPD - this allows you to use your current and previous work experience (and learning with us) to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and expertise required to become an Associate Member.

Should you have the experience and expertise needed to plan and manage generalist or specialist HR operations along with extensive experience at a more senior level within HR you may be eligible to apply for 'Chartered Member' status with CIPD (giving you the right to use MCIPD after your name). Again, through their demanding and highly professional Experience Assessment route you will be able to justify and give evidence of your behaviours, knowledge and skill.

We at The Learn Centre fully support our clients who, after having undertaken one of our HR qualifications, wish to further satisfy their own personal and career objectives to become an accredited and recognised member of the Chartered Institute. Because we recognise how important this is to some we have ensured that a recently accredited Chartered Fellow is on hand (having experienced the assessment route first hand) for support and guidance to any Learn client following successful completion of any of our online HR qualifications.